Friday, November 05, 2004


Sliced Fish and Beansprouts Horfun

It's been a busy week. No time to cook, so I've had to eat out. This was what I had for one of my dinners: Sliced Fish and Beansprouts Horfun (S$4.50).

The horfun (flat rice noodles) was stir-fried and topped with sliced fish, beansprouts and spring onions in a yummy gravy. Presented in a miniature steel wok. Cute. In the small dish by the side is pickled green chilli and belachan chilli sauce.

The savoury gravy was delicious! It combined perfectly with the noodles and fish. And there were lots of sweet and crunchy beansprouts! The noodles tasted even better with the green chilli and spicy belachan. Mmm...nice. This is quite similar to the usual seafood horfun, but I like this version because it has lots of fish and beansprouts. It's not widely available in foodcourts. The one I had was at the Food Junction foodcourt at Great World City.



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