Wednesday, November 17, 2004


Jack's Place

We had dinner at Jack's Place on Sunday. Here are some pictures of what we had at the Orchard outlet.

The complimentary basket of lightly grilled/toasted garlic bread. One slice for each diner. The bread was crispy outside and soft inside. Nice start to the meal.

Fresh lobster bisque (S$4.50). One of my companions ordered this, and I didn't get to taste it, so I can't give any comments. She did say the bisque was rather rich and tasty. I only saw two bits of lobster meat floating on the top. Hmm...guess I shouldn't expect too much for S$4.50.

Seafood in a basket (S$10.50). This is an assortment of breaded fish, prawns, scallops, squid rings, sotong balls (squid paste seasoned and rounded into balls), onion rings, and French fries. Comes with a dip of tartare sauce. It was good (the food, not the sauce), but nothing special. The portion was quite generous, though.

Chicken & mushroom spaghetti (S$10.00). I sampled a mouthful of the noodles and was pleasantly surprised to find the cream-based pasta sauce light and tasty. Before I could steal some of the chicken and mushrooms, my own main course arrived.

Grilled chicken (S$12.50). Clockwise from left: baked potato topped with sour cream and spring onions (I omitted the bacon bits), stir-fried cabbage with bacon strips, peas, and grilled boneless chicken leg with brown sauce.

The hotplate was still sizzling as it was placed in front of me! The chicken was quite plain, but perfectly grilled. Very juicy and tender. The sauce was a little lacklustre this time; it wasn't salty enough. I enjoyed the baked potato very much; it was soft, fluffy and steaming hot. The vegetables were nice too, especially the cabbage which had the strong fragrance of fried garlic.

Mixed grill (S$16.50). On the left are the same side dishes as the grilled chicken. The mixed grilled meats are stacked up and topped with a sunny side-up fried egg.

This is ideal if you can't make up your mind or just want a bit of everything. The "mixed grill" consists of a small beef steak, lamb chop, chicken chop, bacon, and chicken sausage.

I've been to Jack's Place many times ever since I was a child. In fact, I still remember my parents taking me to the Bras Basah outlet when I was a kid. Going to a steak house was considered a very special treat in those days. Jack's Place is a home-grown chain of steak restaurants in Singapore. It's been in business for more than 30 years (older than me!), largely due to its tasty and reasonably-priced food, cosy setting, and warm service. Their grub is definitely not Western haute cuisine. In fact, I would even say the taste of the food has been slightly "localised" to suit the Singaporean palate.

Nevertheless, Jack's Place is still one of my favorite haunts for unpretentious and value-for-money Western-style food. I've checked out about four of its outlets, but somehow, the food at the Bras Basah and Orchard outlets are better. The menu is the same, but the food is tastier and comes sizzling hot. Better quality control, perhaps?


Note: All prices are before 10% service charge, 1% cess, and 5% GST.


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