Wednesday, November 03, 2004


d'Original Satay Club

Desmond, R.'s brother-in-law, took us out for Sunday dinner at d'Original Satay Club. Thanks Desmond! :) It's actually an al fresco dining concept by the bay under the Esplanade Bridge. Yes, that's right. A bridge. A huge bridge for vehicles, actually. We were actually eating while cars, motorcycles, buses and trucks were whizzing by above our heads. So it was pretty amazing that we hardly heard any noise from the vehicles. In fact, it was rather breezy and comfortable. Plus we were just next to the bay. This is a perfect place to eat satay (barbequed meat skewers) and drink beer.

This was what we came for. Clockwise from right: sliced fresh cucumber and onions, mutton satay, chicken satay, and ketupat (Malay rice cakes). In the foreground is a bowl of spicy peanut sauce, the dip for the satay. S$0.50 per stick, minimum order of 10 sticks. S$1.00 for one portion of rice cake.

Close-up of the satay. These were rather dry. We suspect that the satay had been pre-grilled, and heated up only slightly. That's probably why they came almost immediately after we placed our orders.

Sotong you tiao. S$6.00. These are deep-fried Chinese doughsticks with minced squid.

Seafood fried rice. S$8.00. The rice was quite fragrant and moist, but where's the seafood?

Seafood horfun. S$8.00. Flat rice noodles with seafood and gravy. This dish was quite generous with prawns and squid, but fish cake slices were used instead of fresh fish slices.

Stir-fried kailan. Can't remember the price, maybe about S$10.00?

Verdict? The food was average. I wouldn't bring my overseas friends here for definitive satay. There's certainly much better satay to be found here in Singapore. Same goes for the other dishes. I'm surprised that the operators, who are descendants of the hawkers at the famed Satay Club, aren't doing a good job of maintaining the quality of their satay. It's a pity about the food, because d'Original's unusual location makes it a cool place to chill out. And it's also next to the new Merlion Park and the Esplanade, so diners can go for a lovely walk before or after dinner and enjoy the sights.



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