Tuesday, November 23, 2004


Coffee Club Xpress

I happened to be at Orchard Road at lunchtime yesterday. Since I had a long lunch-break, I thought I'd find a nice, quiet cafe to eat and catch up on some reading.

I found myself at Coffee Club Xpress (the Wisma Atria outlet), and ordered one of their Tummy Fillers value set meal. For S$10.90 nett, you get a soup of the day, your choice of main course, and a coffee or tea. If you order the set meal, you're also entitled to a 30% discount on cakes and desserts. How could I pass on such a sweet (pun intended) deal?

Tomato soup. Eeeks! This soup was SUPER sour! And sweet! I tried to drink as much of it as I could, but finally gave up after consuming half of it. This was the first time I've tried their tomato soup. I've been to this chain of cafes before and had other soups. They were good, nothing like the tomato soup I had this time. I'll remember not to order the set meal if they have tomato soup for that day.

Country pie. This is kinda like shepherd's pie. There's no pastry involved. First, a layer of chicken stew is laid in the pie (but looks more like souffle) dish. Next, mashed potato is packed above the chicken. Finally, mozarella cheese is put on top of the potato. The dish is then baked, allowing the cheese to melt and brown. Beside the pie is a small side of fresh lettuce with some kind of olive pesto.

A spoonful of chicken, potato, and cheese. This isn't my first time ordering the Country Pie, though it was at another outlet that I fell in love with it. This version was still quite delicious, though not quite as good as the previous one I had because here, the amount of chicken stew is rather miserly, and the mozarella cheese too thick. Can't imagine the calories I've put on after devouring this pie.

Some more calories: Blackforest roll (usual price S$3.10, S$2.20 after the 30% discount). It's actually blackforest cake, but rolled up Swiss-roll style. Very rich, very dense, very mmmmm..., very sinful! Love the rich and creamy mousse-like chocolate cream and plump, juicy cherries. Those without a sweet tooth, or those on a weight-loss diet, stay away!

Coffee Club Xpress
#03-35/38 Wisma Atria



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