Sunday, October 31, 2004


Out of The Pan

Today was our first visit to Out of The Pan, the basement eatery at Raffles City Shopping Centre. Their specialty is crepes, both savoury and sweet. Since we already had our dinner elsewhere, we ordered only desserts.

R. had the Chocoholic (S$6.50), which is chocolate ice-cream with whipped cream and lots of nuts.

The Chocoholic made R. go nuts. Not really. There were way too much nuts for his liking. I never thought a guy could complain about having too much of these. Oh well...

I ordered one of their recommended items, the Tiramisu Crepe (S$9.50).

What a dramatic presentation! The tiramisu was wrapped in a crepe, dusted with cocoa powder and icing sugar, topped with expresso ice-cream, and laid on a large square plate with zigzags of white and dark chocolate sauce.

The tiramisu was yummy! The chocolate sponge was heavily soaked with liquer, while the mascarpone cheese was light and creamy. The expresso ice-cream was smashing! Very rich taste of expresso, slightly bitter and not too sweet. I really liked it alot. When eaten together with the tiramisu, the sensation was simply orgasmic! But the crepe was kinda disappointing. It was rather dry. Actually, I'd rather just have had the tiramisu with the ice-cream. What an irony. Anyway, I was already stuffed halfway through eating this dessert. Needed the assistance of R. to help me finish it. It was very filling! I guess it was the crepe and the generous amount of tiramisu. Definitely not for those on a diet.



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