Sunday, October 17, 2004


Left in the Cold

My mom believes that cold food and drink is bad for one's stomach. She always insists on piping hot meals. She used to say, "Quickly come eat your dinner. Your food's getting cold!" And she would get very grumpy indeed if I took my own sweet time getting to the dinner table. In fact, she's so anti-anyfoodthatiscold that salads, cold sandwiches, ice-cream(!), cold fruit, and soft-drinks were no-nos for me. Yeah, I used to be a deprived-of-anythingfoodthatiscold kid.

But now, I'm a free woman. While I still like food that is supposed to be hot to be served piping hot, I now add anyfoodthatiscold to my food list. One of my fav lunches is cold sandwiches. They're easy to make and cleaning-up is a cinch. They're also light and appetising, perfect for lunch on a hot day.

I'm so glad my mom doesn't surf the internet.



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